Configurable™ modular artworks

Launch event:
Underdogs Art Store
12 April, 10am – 7pm

Available online between 8 April and 8 May


Vhils and Felipe Pantone present two new Configurable™ artworks you can create to your liking from a set of pre-designed modules: one featuring designs by Felipe Pantone and Vhils, and another featuring designs by Vhils alone. Chose the modules you want, combine them in the way you want, and place your order. Simples!

Vhils × Felipe Pantone & Vhils Configurable™ modular artworks examples

Configurable™ is a modular system designed to create dynamic and unique artworks by interacting with different elements used by Felipe Pantone in his artworks, or his guest artists. By doing so, the artist invites you to participate in the creative process, allowing an infinite number of unique designs. You can create your own compositions through the intuitive configuring tool ‘Build Your Own™’; then you will be able to perfect your design, place the order and receive the custom artwork at home. Finally, you will hang the artwork with a 2-step system created by the Configurable™ team for any level of expertise.

Felipe’s pieces are made of high-quality, custom-cut UV printed aluminium composite panels. Vhils’ pieces are made of high-quality, custom-cut enamel and acrylic paint on wooden panels. The pieces are displayed with a simple magnet system included in the package.
Pieces are limited in time, not in number. Every piece has an irremovable CO2 laser-engraved label on the back and orders come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the author or authors of the work.

Further info: https://configurableart.com

Underdogs Art Store
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