Vhils/Obey Universal Personhood, 2018

Underdogs are releasing this fresh new edition by Vhils & Shepard Fairey today. Dropping at 4pm GMT+1.

A unique collaboration between the two artists, Vhils/Obey Universal Personhood is a two-colour screen print based on the wall piece they created together in Lisbon last July. The edition is hand-finished by Vhils with recourse to the artist’s original technique that sees the final product sprayed with a corrosive substance which eats into the layers of ink. As each print reacts differently to the corrosion, this manual process ensures that no two prints are entirely alike.

Vhils/Obey Universal Personhood, 2018
Vhils & Shepard Fairey

Edition of /150 + 20 AP
Two-colour screen print on paper
Signed and numbered by the artists
Hand-finished by Vhils with Quink ink and bleach
Keaykolour Original China White 300 g/m2 paper
70 × 50 cm

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